Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Show Me the Right Path

Psalms 25:4-5
Show Me the right path, O Lord;
Point out the road for me to follow.
Lead me by Your truth and teach me,
For You are the God Who saves me
All day Long I put my hope in You.

Finally my own computer so that I can continue on the journey. I’m glad as it is that He has allowed me to go this far and feel the light literally penetrate as I pray and write and struggle through the process of self sacrifice in order for it to be His glory and not mine.
George and I have considered what this could mean if I follow what God wants me to do. In reality I should just be doing it. I know that just by doing it, my family and I will be blessed beyond what we ever expected. But as I am only human I tend to struggle with just letting go and putting my full trust in God.
So what happens when we do just let go?
I have learned along the way that my way is really never the right way! Yes I may have my “good” intentions, but until I consult with God first I will not know if my “good” intentions are really all that good!
My point is, when I trust God and really let go, through prayer, I am consistently blessed. When I hang on, I only block whatever blessings God has in mind for me.
That seems to make it a bit easier doesn’t it? Knowing that when we trust in the Lord, His blessings come to us directly. When we don’t trust in the Lord, we block it and it takes a detour so to speak until we do let go and become obedient to Christ.
This includes all areas of life. In marriage, parenting, health, finances, even the small things. It says in Eph.6:18 Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.
Always be thinking about what God would have you do in all areas of your life at all times. I know, I know. Easier said than done. But God knows this, that’s why He gave us the Holy Spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit to prompt you whenever there is a situation that needs a decision that must be made, and He will prompt you. But we must ask.
John16:23-24 says:
you will ask the Father directly, and he will grant your request because you use my name. You haven’t done this before. Ask, using my name, and you will receive, and you will have abundant joy.
So the next time we have a decision that needs to be made, lets prepare ourselves beforehand.
Let’s pray:
Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you that I may come before you with anything that is in my heart. I ask now that the Holy Spirit will prompt me when I need to pray concerning any decisions that may need to be made. I pray that I bring all of my requests to you and help me know which the right ones are. I know You only have good things for me and so I ask now that when I am struggling to kjust let go that You Lord God will remind me, that You only want to enable to do Your will. In all these things I pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Words We Speak

Proverbs 15:1 A soft answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger.

Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones.

Proverbs 17:27 He who has knowledge spares his words, And a man of understanding is of a calm spirit.

As I considered what to write, I thought I would write something profound, but I could not find the words. So, I prayed and asked God to give me even a slightest idea as to what He wants me to understand concerning these verses. I then began to consider prayer and wondered where this fit into the scheme of things.

The only thing I could come up with was not a profound essay, but a humbling prayer instead as this is something that should always be done when a disagreement arises. So here goes:

Dear Heavenly Father,

As I seek You today, I ask that You give me the words to speak, that will be like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones. Not words that will only cause greater misunderstanding and anger but soft ones that turn away wrath. I ask the Holy Spirit to press upon my heart to remind me to look towards You in the midst of any argument, so that I can speak the truth in love and not hate. I ask You Lord God, to forgive me for the times that I have not looked to You first. I thank You that I can come to You and ask for Your guidance in all things. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Too Good to be True?

Once again its been a short period of time that I have written anything, but I really have to all0w God to lead me before I do write anything. After all it is in His timing not mine. As I have been thinking about what I'm to write next, I thought how some things just seem to good to be true, as I'm sure that everyone thinks that from time to time.
How many times do I think this and then it actually be true? Not many I have to say, but when its from God, how can it not be true? God can only give good things, even ones we don't expect or even deserve.
Psalms 21:2-3
You have granted him the desire of his heart and have not withheld the request of his lips. "Selah" For You meet him with the blessings of goodness; You set a crown of pure gold upon his head.
This Psalm can paint one of the best pictures of who God is and who we are to Him and His plans for us. Does this sound to good to be true? Maybe to some, but it's only the best, because we are His sons and daughters, His princes and princesses.
Is it too good to be true when God leads you to do something so completely beyond yourself and it blesses you along the way because you were obedient?
Maybe you need to step back look around you and ask, God, is this too good to be true?